Luxury and Heritage: The Leather Satchel Co.



Everyone enjoys beautiful things.

To most people, beauty is a condition, an aspect, something on the exterior. To an artisan, beauty is about passion. For the artisan, beauty is design and function, style and shape, color and saturation, and minute attention to detail. It’s this last element which perhaps most aptly sets the bar. Precise attention to detail.


In a world where emphasis is generally placed on speed and price, and the word ‘disposable’ is more common than ‘durable’. More often than not, our possessions have been mass-manufactured. Few people have the luxury of owning an item that has been painstakingly constructed, where a master craftsman has clearly toiled with passion and skill.

When a product has been built by a master craftsman, you can see it in the details. Every cut, every fold, and every stitch, is measured and executed to perfection. It’s a question of pride, tradition, and quality.

Photo by James Maloney Keith Hanshaw, from The Leather Satchel Company, busy crafting one of his creations in his workshop in Huyton
Keith Hanshaw, from The Leather Satchel Company, busy crafting one of his creations in his workshop in Liverpool. Photo: James Maloney

The Leather Satchel Company  offers a shining example of what happens when you combine high-quality materials with the skill and experience of artisans. It isn’t difficult to see why they’ve done so well. At one point, they were the only company producing satchels in England. Heritage and tradition run strong with The Leather Satchel Co, elements matched with excellent customer service and after-sales support.


The oldest leather satchel maker in Britain, The Leather Satchel Company is a family owned business that has been focused on raising standards in craftsmanship and service since their inception in 1966.  According to Keith Hanshaw, the managing director, “People understand that there’s a real value in everything we do..”  A strong testament to their precision and attention to quality, The Leather Satchel Company has been a member of the British Guild of Master Craftsmen for over 40 years.

These satchels aren’t just fashion symbols, they’re workhorses that will last a lifetime if treated right. To be sure, they offer a full five-year guarantee.


The Leather Satchel Company isn’t just a factory. It’s a place where passion, pride, heritage and quality come together. It’s a place where craftsmen have been honing their skills for the last half century. Thanks to the company’s vision, their products are now available in selected countries around the world.

We’re lucky to have the South American distributor based right here in Barranquilla. The Leather Satchel Co. Colombia is owned and operated by Yeison Ospina and Nuwan Fonseka, each of whom fell in love with the brand the second they saw it. Competing against various other entrenched brands, Yeison and Nuwan are confident of their future success.


“People want to know that the bag they’re carrying was finely crafted. Our brand carries the symbol of the British Guild of Master Craftsmen. You simply can’t beat that level of quality and we’re confident that once Colombians try our products, they’ll immediately appreciate their value.” – Yeison Ospina, Co-founder of The Leather Satchel Co. Colombia.