According to the authorities, the heat will last at least another month.

The hot sun. Photo by: Katche Photo

The heat is intolerable these days in Barranquilla and has people stressed out and in a bad mood. After 9:00 am, nobody wants to go outside.

The high temperatures are common for this time of the year, especially in the capital region of the Department of Atlántico, but in recent days it has increased significantly across the whole Caribbean region, reaching 37°c, according to IDEAM (the Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environmental Studies Institute of Colombia). The high temperatures are accompanied by high humidity, causing a humidex rating (thermal sensation) as high as 48°c. Experts from IDEAM noted the phenomenon has been exacerbated by the lack of clouds, rain, and breeze and has been evident across northern Colombia.

Raspao and patillazo vendors have become indispensable in every corner of Barranquilla and if you want to go somewhere, you’ll just need to grin and bear the heat and you should probably bring a hat or umbrella for the sun.

Interestingly, Alma Solano, the District Secretary of Health, said that Barranquilla is considered one of the coldest cities in Colombia. Obviously, she’s referring to inside buildings, and that’s because of the huge amount of air conditioning systems in place just about everywhere across the city. The problem with this is that going between internal and external environments can activate bacteria, weaken defenses and cause respiratory illnesses.

IDEAM also reported that the high-temperature conditions which we are experiencing will last only a few days into July and after that, the phenomenon of El Niño is expected to vanish. Weather conditions in the area will revert to normal. On the other hand, according to the Climate Predictions Center of the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, thanks to La Niña, an intense rain season will descend upon us in December, so if you do buy umbrellas now for the sun, they’ll be a good investment for later.