Superservicios demands Electricaribe to improve customer service immediately

Superservicios demands Electricaribe to improve customer service immediately
Customer Service at Electricaribe. Photo credit by: Superservicios press office

Superservicios detected serious failures affecting service after inspecting Electricaribe’s customer service centers last March.

The Superintendant will require Electricaribe to create specific and immediate actions, such as the presentation of a plan addressing short-term improvement in public perception as well as maintenance and reconditioning of customer service centers.

This situation takes place in the Caribbean region of Colombia. Inspections showed serious limitations to quality and timely provision of service, such as two-to-three hours delay for customers to submit documents or receive orientation in related subjects.

In the Electricaribe service centers, there are no accommodations to help users; specifically to provide assistance to senior citizens, expected mothers, and persons with disabilities. In the centers with bathrooms, most are out-of-service, and there isn’t enough staff to assist citizen demands.

Facing the evidence, Superservicios requested Electricaribe to demonstrate improvement in the accommodations and customer attention provided to the community in every customer service center in less than two months.

“In light of these discoveries during the inspection visits, Superservicios will require Electricaribe management to develop an obligatory and strict plan to remedy these conditions in the following days,” said Superintendent Patricia Duque Cruz.

In the Sistema Unico de Informacion (SUI), Electricaribe has a total of 2,105,274 subscribers in the Caribbean region. The largest amount of users is in the Department of Atlántico with 530,563, and the lowest is in the Department of Sucre with 120,322.


  1. Can you believe these guys are sending their contractors to knock on people’s doors, verify their “contadores” just because of the reduction on the energy usage , at a time where we are all in a reduction time? Gee… This people are the shht