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A man selling tickets for Seleccion Colombia

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been living in Barranquilla, you’ll probably have already heard someone bragging about the city being “La Casa de la Selección”. If you’re interested in seeing  how Barranquilleros cheer for Colombia with alegria carnavalera, or simply if you are a soccer fan and want to see James, Bacca, or Cuadrado facing Luis Suarez, Arturo Vidal and Antonio Valencia, we’ll show you how you can buy tickets to one of the biggest sporting events in town.

Warning: As shocking as it might sound, getting a ticket to get into the stadium is not that easy. Try fitting 42 million Colombians into the 45 thousand seats that the “Metro” has…

Later this year, the stadium, home of Junior F.C., will host the Colombian national team for the World Cup qualifier games against Ecuador on March 29th, Venezuela on September 1st or 2nd, Uruguay on October 10th or 11th, and then finally, Chile on November 10th or 11th.

FCF (Colombian Football Federation) and the agency that sells the tickets (Ticket Shop) announced that the 2016 season ticket package for home games will go on sale from Wednesday, February 17 at 00:00 E.T. until Friday, February 26 at 23:59 E.T. This package gives access to each of the four games listed above.

In the case that you don’t want to purchase season tickets, individual ticket sales will become available in advance of each game. If you wish to acquire them this way, make sure you get in line super early – usually single ticket sales are over within two hours and the website often crashes several times too, making the process a nightmare. So set up your coffee, pc and cellphone and get ready to start refreshing the site.

The games held in Barranquilla, to be televised on Channel Caracol, will be the sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh matchdays of the South American World Cup Qualifier Tournament. At the moment, with four games played, Colombia is in 7th place out of ten. The CONMEBOL (South American Football Association) will have four and a half spots in Russia 2018. The first four teams at the end of the competition will qualify directly to the World Cup, and the fifth will have to face, in a two leg confrontation, a team to be determined, to define which will enter the greatest soccer event ever.

Where can I buy tickets? Those interested in attending the Colombia qualifier games, without being scammed, can buy tickets exclusively through

The company will hold back a certain number of tickets on the days before each game and after the online sale has closed, you will be able to purchase them individually from an office in Barranquilla, generally near the Metropolitano Stadium. Of course, in this case, depending on the game, the lines will start the night before.

What types of tickets are available?

  • 2016 Season Tickets – valid for the four home games during this year. (Feb. 17 – Feb. 26).
  • Single Tickets for one match

How much are they?

2016 Season Tickets:

  • Norte and Sur = 240.000 COP
  • Oriental = 720.000 COP
  • Occidental = 1.280.000 COP

Single Tickets:

  • Norte and Sur: 60.000 COP
  • Oriental: 180.000 COP
  • Occidental: 320.000 COP

*these prices might vary before confirmation dates.

Are there any special conditions to buy them?

Yes. You will only have 15 minutes on the online system to complete the process of buying the tickets. Online purchases are limited to 6 season or single tickets per household. In person the number goes down to 4. There are special rates if you have a Bancolombia credit card.

Are all the locations safe to be in?

Yes. The people who attend Selección Colombia games are not the same type of people you see each Sunday at a Juniors game. In general, it’s harder and more expensive to get Selección tickets, and also, since this is an international event, the security is way higher both outside and inside, so the chances of getting mugged anywhere in or near the arena is very small.

Also, even though seats are usually numbered, still try to arrive early for the game. In my case, I treat it like an international flight, arriving no more than two hours before takeoff. Luckily for those who normally work in the afternoons, during home games, Barranquilla has what we call “Día Civico”, which means most companies give their employees the afternoon off.

PS: If you do get tickets, don’t forget to not wear a belt to the game. For some strange reason, police have started banning these ‘dangerous weapons’ from big public events. Find something else to hold your pants up!

Good luck!

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