Culture: Slam dancing at Clandestino Metal Rock Club (Video)

Clandestino Metal Rock Club Barranquilla Life
Front entrance of CMRC located on Calle 45 (Murillo) and Carrera 18 in the San Jose neighborhood

Clandestino Metal Rock Club hosted a tribute event to The Misfits and The Ramones this past Saturday, April 1st. If you’re not familiar with the place, neither was I, only until a few months ago when I saw a Facebook friend tagged to their post. And as you’re driving down Murillo, you can’t miss the club because it’s the only black house on the street.

Clandestino Metal Rock Club Barranquilla Life
Jhon (right) and friends. Photography by: Cristian Paternina

Clandestino reminds me of one of my favorite bars in Dallas, where upon entering the old house, you encounter some mismatched sofas and black tables. There’s a bar area where they serve up $3k Aguilas, as well as a decent stage area for about 7-10 band members. It leaves ample space for slam dancing, which seems to be the highlight of these events. The crowd was mainly young men, but I think I saw a few women in the mosh pits slamming right along with some of the men.

Clandestino Metal Rock Club Barranquilla LifeSlam dancing is a cultural relic originating in southern California when the 70’s and 80’s punk movement that reached the States. It’s an aggressive dance that feeds off the energy of the band. During my youth in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I participated in a number mosh pits, especially during the ascent of grunge music and concerts (i.e., Alice in Chains, Tool, Lollapalooza). Fast forward to the mid-90’s and early 2000’s, and slam dancing in mosh pits becomes mainstream; enough that it drew controversy from musical artists condoning the activity.

Clandestino Metal Rock Club Barranquilla LifeI had a chance to talk Jhon who is one of the owners of the place. Surprisingly, as we were talking, we learned that we were both a part of Generation X (both in our mid-40’s) and shared generational knowledge about the history and context of heavy metal and punk music.

Clandestino Metal Rock Club Barranquilla LifeJhon is a great historian of the heavy metal and punk rock music scenes in Barranquilla that has seen interest grow over the years. Watch and learn if you have a few minutes. I will be back to catch another tribute show. The club is also a place metal and punk bands to practice.

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