Barranquilla Life is primarily focused in sharing the vitality and passion of this great city across the English-speaking global community, offering the latest guides, news and information on events, nightlife, citylife, and culture. We are heavily engaged in social media channels, especially Facebook, and are present at all the major events, providing a regular feed of high-quality content covering local politics, life issues, sports, health and business.

Barranquilla Life Facebook Stats Dec 2016

In 2016, over 430,000 North Americans and Europeans visited Colombia. There are over 40,000 from the USA actually living in Colombia today. This number will surely grow as Colombia was rated one of the top destinations in 2017 to visit, increasing the possibilities for all types of businesses interested in reaching a foreign market within the country.

Barranquilla Life Website Stats 2016

Barranquilla Life Website Demographic Stats 2016

As media professionals, we also offer a wide range of services to local businesses and organizations. If you need professional-quality video or photography, aerial imaging, or any of a number of language related services including content production and translation, we can help you.


These are full-length articles written by our editorial team which focus on subjects related to your business. For example, a clothing company might have a branded article about good quality, whereas a medical clinic might have an article discussing the latest surgical equipment.

Our team will work with you to ensure the article perfectly matches your needs. Branded content is much more likely to be read and absorbed than only an ad. Custom packages are available. All branded content packages will be boosted in Facebook and will remain on our website for at least one month.


  • Promotional event flyer published and shared on our social media networks
  • Promotional event flyer published and targeted to specific demographic (per social media network)
  • Review of product or service
  • Social Media Mention with image or promotion (1 per day)
  • Sponsorship of Final Draft nightly news show (5 shows)
  • Sponsorship of  SportsBaq show (1 show)
  • Sponsorship of Business Time Live show (1 show)


Basic Video Package: Tell your story to the world in under two minutes! Up to a 2 minute long video in full HD. Perfect for commercials or product placements.

  • 1 day client meeting
  • ½ day of shooting
  • 1 filming location
  • 1 professional SLR camera
  • 1 lens & 1 fill light
  • 2 days of post production
  • 1 mic OR 1 hour of studio time for narration
  • 3 crew members (Director / Producer / Editor)
  • Delivery in 1 week

Pro Video Package: Get into detail on a moderate budget – Up to 5 minutes! Up to a 5-8 minute long video in full HD. Perfect for music videos and business promos.

  • 2 day client meeting
  • 2 days of pre-production & 5 days of post-production
  • 1 day of shooting
  • 1 filming location
  • 1 professional SLR camera
  • 1 set of lenses
  • 1 fill light & 1 tripod
  • 1 mic OR 1 hr of studio narration
  • 6 crew members
  • Delivery in 2 weeks

Master Video Package: Full quality, professional production – Up to 15 minutes! Up to a 15-20 minute long video in full HD. Perfect for events and training videos.

  • 2 day client meeting
  • 3 days of pre-production
  • 2 days of post-production
  • 1 day of shooting
  • 1 filming location
  • 2 professional SLR cameras
  • 1 set of prime lenses
  • 3 fill lights
  • 1 tripod, glider or steady
  • 2 mics OR 2 hrs of studio narration
  • 3-6 crew members
  • Delivery in 4 weeks


We offer advertising on our website in two different areas and guarantee the number of impressions, between 15,000 to 20,000 depending upon the dollar amount. Businesses or freelance professionals can advertise in content-related articles or the sidebar of website pages. The home page is also available for custom-sized adverts.


Barranquilla Life wants to establish a long relationship with our clients so we take the time to listen to your needs and wants for your business. These are custom-made services so prices are varied. We provide the following:

  • Brand Development and Management
  • Campaign/Event Planning
  • Concierge Services
  • Cultural Research and Investigation
  • Email Newsletter Advertising
  • Social media consultations
  • Translation (English to Spanish to English)

To inquire about a media press kit with rates, email us at