Local kids say “NO” to violence!

Homemade signs say no to violence. Photo credit: Barranquilla Police Department
Homemade signs saying no to violence. Photo credit: Barranquilla Police Department

Sons and daughters of local police officers raised their voices to say “No more dead cops”.

Along several of the hot, dusty streets of the municipality of Malambo, in the metropolitan area of Barranquilla, a group of children, with the help of their parents, made a call for solidarity and empathy towards members of the security forces.

The initiative was organized in response to recent acts of violence in which police were killed by criminal bands in different regions of the country. Indeed, across the last two weeks, more than a dozen police or military personnel have been killed as part of a “pistol plan” led by the criminal gang, “Clan Úsuga“.

The children gave free rein to their creativity, creating billboards with the messages such as, “No more policemen dead” or “The children of Colombia support the National Police”, and then went through the streets carrying their message of respect for life.

The activity was organized by members of the Civic Youth Police, who are mostly children of police officers. The children, aged between six and fourteen, were accompanied by their friends and we’re bringing a message of peace, hoping to make people aware of the consequences of the tragedies that have taken place.

Barranquilla Metropolitan Police support all kinds of community campaigns for public education and the prevention of violence.