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Rasa Healing Centre 10-day Retreat. Photo credit: Dr. Rasa Nikanjam

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Based just outside Medellin in Santa Elena, the Sacred Medicines Retreat is a 10-day intensive journey towards health, balance, and equilibrium of the mind, body and spirit. It’s a great way of detoxifying your being at physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

This transformational retreat gives you a chance to slow down, look within, and receive help from many perspectives.

Rasa Healing Centre 10-day Retreat. Photo credit: Dr. Rasa Nikanjam
Rasa Healing Centre 10-day Retreat. Photo credit: Dr. Rasa Nikanjam

What could you gain from this retreat?

Detoxification: The core of our work is helping the body detoxify. Toxic overload is the cause of many problems including depression, anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, skin allergies, liver disease, heart disease, and cancer. We’re complex beings and our work begins with understanding the physical realms before we can move to higher vibrations. Our bodies are our physical temples on Earth and in order to live fulfilling lives, we first need to keep our physical bodies healthy and strong. For this reason, a comprehensive, naturopathic detoxification program is the core of our Sacred Medicines Retreat.

Shed off stress: Stress seems to be an “inevitable” state of life these days. Although our minds may “adjust” to this new “way” of life, our bodies will suffer to the point of disease and sickness. Chronic stress is a new-age phenomenon, yet our bodies have been evolving through thousands of years. Through evolution, our bodies have been designed to deal effectively only with short-lasting, transient stressful situations such as escaping from a wild animal in nature. Once stress becomes long-term and chronic, the consequences become severe and detrimental. There is an expression that says “Stress is the mother of all diseases” and this is not far from the truth. In our retreat, not only you will get a chance to relax and shed off stress, but you will also have the opportunity to look at your life and recognize habits and situations that are not serving you well and find solutions on how to change them. Coming to this retreat will truly help you transform your life if you wish to do so.

Heal your body, mind, and Spirit: As long as we are alive, healing happens in us at all times. Our state of being naturally thrives towards balance and harmony. If we are suffering with a chronic mental, emotional or physical ailment, this means that there are blocks on the way of our healing. At Rasa Healing Center, we recognize the root causes of ailments in each individual and provide support to remove them and to facilitate the process of healing. Whether you are suffering from a specific ailment or would just like to prevent future ailments, this retreat can help you in your journey.

Rasa Healing Centre 10-day Retreat. Photo credit: Dr. Rasa Nikanjam
Rasa Healing Centre 10-day Retreat. Photo credit: Dr. Rasa Nikanjam

A new way of life: The reason we are the way we are largely lies in our dysfunctional and persistent ways of life. In the Sacred Medicines Retreat, you will get a chance to disconnect from all those old habits, take a step back, and see your life from a new perspective. Once finished with the retreat, you may not even recognize the person who began the journey, or you may recognize and appreciate all the good that you have in your life!

Let`s have some fun! Just because we’re doing some serious work, it doesn`t mean we have to stay serious all the time. In fact, those who have recognized the seriousness of spiritual work know the importance of joy and humour while walking the path! Our retreat is designed in such a way that laughter and joy are inseparable parts of our healing and transformation.

At Rasa Healing Center, we take our work very seriously and only provide the best support for those who decide to join us as a part of their journey. Dr. Rasa Nikanjam and Shantideva have been working on their own healing with naturopathic medicine, shamanic medicines and meditation for over a decade and now are ready to share the blessings they have received with the rest of the world. Taita Giovani is an Ayahuasca shaman from the Amazonian Awa tribe in Colombia. He has been working with the medicine for over twenty years, helping many individuals in their healing journeys with emotional, mental, and physical ailments.

Jesus, an Amazonian Huitoto shaman, works intensely with temazcal (known as sweat lodge in English) and provides healing for those who embark on a temazcal journey.

Rasa Healing Centre 10-day Retreat. Photo credit: Dr. Rasa Nikanjam
Rasa Healing Centre 10-day Retreat. Photo credit: Dr. Rasa Nikanjam

In this 10-day retreat, you will receive:

An orientation session with our shamans
4 Ayahuasca ceremonies: 3 held in the Maloca and one in the forest
2 sweat lodge ceremonies (Temazcales)
A 10-day Meditation retreat: Including both silence and dynamic meditation
A Detoxification diet based on naturopathic and shamanic principles
1 private counselling session with Dr. Rasa Nikanjam, a Canadian-trained Naturopathic Doctor
Individualized naturopathic therapies: (You may choose from constitutional hydrotherapy, auricular acupressure, or body acupressure or acupuncture)
Yoga classes
2 flower baths
Integration circles
An interactive session with our shamans
Meditative walks in the forest
Live music
A goodbye Celebration

What else is included:

11 nights and 11 days of accommodation
All meals (Alcohol is not included and is not permitted within the premises)
Transportation from and to either of Medellìn`s airports (Josè Marìa Còrdova airport and Olaya Herrera airport)
A bilingual retreat: Held in English and Spanish
Translator available at all times while at the retreat
Female facilitator available at all time
Space available for camping

Whether you are seeking restoration, healing or just need to shed off stress from your life, this retreat is for you.

For more information, check our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

To learn what the name stands for, check out our article What is Sacred Medicine Retreat anyway? Why this name?

This event is approaching fast! Contact us if you have any questions or to apply for registration.

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