Newsflash: Another unfortunate accident involving Transmetro

An articulated Transmetro bus. Photo Credit:

In what seems to be a series of related incidents with Transmetro, and buses in general in Barranquilla (see here for a related article on this topic last month), yet another tragic accident occurred early this morning as citizens were heading to work.

An elderly man was crossing the street at la Murillo with 44 when he was run-over by the R10 Joe Arroyo bus. According to witnesses, Piedriz Mazenet Porfirio was crossing the street and hadn’t yet reached the median when the bus ran him down. According to officials from Transmetro, 79 year-old Porfirio was crossing 50 meters from where he should have been at the crosswalk. Nevertheless, one would expect a bus driver to be conscious of the road directly in front of his vehicle’s path, especially of someone crossing so far ahead of the intersection. According to another witness at the scene, the driver may have gone through a red light as well although that point wasn’t corroborated by anyone.

Impressively, paramedics arrived on the scene within minutes and the victim was transferred to La Clínica Campbell. The period of time from the moment he was hit to the moment he arrived at the hospital was only 30 minutes.