When was the last time you enjoyed dancing to Disco and 80’s retro music?

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It’s been a long year since I enjoyed a December-night of dancing to North and Latin American retro music with friends, who are now spread out across the globe.

retro night Oro Puro Aike Art Barranquilla Life ColombiaIt was at the Oro Puro bar. I remember the lights around us; the menu full of cocktails and food; retro movie and series posters with endearing pictures of Star Wars, Grease, Rambo, Mayan Bee or Saint Seiya; the white leather sofas, just like the old Flashback nightclub; and, of course, the mirror ball around the dancefloor.

Photo by Oro Puro: https://www.facebook.com/oropurobar/

But what I remember most was people’s emotions vibrating with songs from Michael Jackson, A-Ha, Madonna, Boney M, Village People, Queen, Rafaella Carra, Francky Vincent, Kaoma and more. They let their body release sensual and sweet dances and their voices sang in unison with the karaoke to songs they knew.

That special night ended with my friends sitting on the curb of Carerra 51B, but I wish I could do it all again and dance to Lambada, Staying Alive or Thriller with no more pretensions than to remember a time that resists disappearing.

Retro music is making a comeback in Barranquilla. Rene y sus 80’s is a cover band performing at most popular parties in town. They are playing for the Mother’s Day party at The Fun Zone on March 13th. This time, you, your mom, and the rest of your family and friends can dance to retro music together until 2 am. Check them out below!

"Reneysus80s" (Covers) Got to be Real! Singer Cheryl Lynn. Writer(s) (Cheryl Lynn-1978- David Paich David Foster), Country Club Sabanilla.

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