Quality of life in Barranquilla

2016 BQCV 2016 Citizen Survey

It was a packed hotel conference room this morning as people were eagerly awaiting the results from the 2016 Barranquilla Como Vamos Citizen Survey. The event was also a ten-year anniversary celebration of the organization.

Here at Barranquilla Life, this topic is of interest to us and we believe that life is good in La Arenosa. In the coming weeks, we’ll provide more reporting on the results, and we’ll give you additional analysis on the different categories used in the survey to determine the quality of life.


The survey covered 1252 participants across the five regions of Barranquilla, each of whom were at least 18 years old; 49.5% reported they were working, and close to 60% reported making a salary between $690.000 and 2 million pesos.

Financial Situation

  • 46% believed their financial situation improved
  • 41% believed it stayed the same
  • 13% believed it worsened
  • 86% believed they were not poor
  • 49% believed it was difficult to find a job in the city


  • 97% of children are reported to be in school
  • 90% of families are satisfied with their children’s school
  • 92% of students are satisfied with their technical school or university


  • 95% are affiliated with a medical insurer
  • 74% were satisfied with the medical services received
  • 72% report being in good health

Public Services/Utilities

  • 45% reported being unsatisfied with the electrical utility service
  • 58% reported being satisfied with the internet service
  • 91% reported being satisfied with the gas service

Park Spaces/Urban Habitats

  • 82% reported being satisfied with the neighborhood they live in
  • 59% reported being satisfied with the street lighting
  • 39% reported being unsatisfied with the green spaces in the city
  • 75% own their homes and 20% rent
  • 45.2% would like to purchase but lack the necessary down payment

Citizen Security & Culture

  • 52% reported feeling safe in their neighborhood
  • 72% believe that street muggings is a serious problem in their neighborhood
  • 42% feel the city is safe; an increase from 34% in 2015
  • 85% reported being victim to a crime but only 42% reported it to the authorities

Citizen Opinion/Trends

  • 78% believe the city is on the right path
  • 89% of residents in the Norte Centro Historico neighborhood believe their region is on the right path
  • 81% of 36-45 year olds was the demographic most optimistic about Barranquilla’s path
  • 48% of people age 46 and over were the most pessimistic about Barranquilla’s path
  • 87% are proud to be from Barranquilla

Citizen Participation

  • 86% didn’t report having completed any actions in the year
  • 5% reported being a member of a religious community action group
  • 49% believe that Barranquilleros have no respect for people with diverse sexual orientation
  • 44% believe that Barranquilleros have no respect for women
  • 51% believe that Barranquilleros respect their neighbors

Recreation and Sports

  • 16% reported not participating in any cultural events in the city
  • 75% are satisfied with the cultural offerings in the city
  • 54% reported visiting shopping malls for recreation
  • 36% reported visiting the beaches for recreation
  • 49% reported eating at restaurants for recreation

Transmetro/Public Transportation

  • 39% perceived that it takes them more time to complete personal tasks in the city
  • 61% reported using public transportation as their main source for completing personal tasks in the city
  • 81% reported their satisfaction with the taxi service in the city; but 30% reported that the taxis drive poorly
  • 84% reported not using Transmetro


  • Most reported their disatisfaction with the environment (air and water contamination, noise levels, and trash on the streets)
  • 72% reported they practice water saving activities
  • 35% reported they recycle

Institutions, Government, and Citizenship

  • Most favorable entity: Gases de Caribe
  • Second favorite: Sena
  • Third favorite: Triple AAA
  • Least favorite: Electricaribe
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