A quick reminder of public space behaviors that can get you fined

Barranquilla Public Space Behaviors
Two guys smoking weed in a park. Photo credit: AM1250 The Answer

The Secretaría de Control Urbano y Espacio Público (Secretary of Public Spaces) has been spending the better part of this month going around talking about appropriate public space behaviors with street vendors and citizens alike. This is no surprise given the recent legislation of the police code that passed earlier this year.

Barranquilla Public Space Behaviors
Secretaria de Control Urbano y Espacio Publico going around and socializing the new laws with vendors. Photo credit: Sec CUEP.

It use to be within the “law”, or at least ignored by the authorities, for vendors to set up shop or food carts on the sidewalks making it virtually impossible to walk without having to step onto the roads.

This is evident in the downtown center where vendors covered the majority of the streets and plazas. There is a $786,880 fine now if the authorities catch you selling without an appropriate permit.

Barranquilla Public Space Behaviors
Two guys smoking weed in a Colombian park. Photo credit: AM1250 The Answer

You can’t pass the majority of public parks in Colombia without getting a scent of marijuana. With Colombia decriminalizing most personal drug use, you can often see groups of people congregating and sharing a joint.

Sports games can get rowdy and out of control which is why drinking in stadiums and arenas is not allowed as well, unless the event has special permission from the city.

Smoking marijuana, drinking beer, and doing other harder drugs in public spaces comes with a $196,720 fine now.

Barranquilla Public Space Behaviors
Infographic provided by Sec CUEP

So here is an infographic of what you can’t do. Some of this is obvious and some are new. Be smart, think about what you’re doing in public, and respect others!

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