PLACES: Teatro José Consuegra Higgins

The Universidad Simon Bolívar opened this space to the city in fulfillment of its social commitment to support and encourage culture, and for the needs of a new and modern cultural scene. Teatro José Consuegra Higgins has the most modern facilities equipped with the latest acoustic and lighting systems. The capacity and quality make it one of the most important theaters in the city.

Teatro José Consuegra Higgins was named in recognition of the founder of this university, a prominent economist, writer, and educator. It is located on Calle 58 No 54-59, where the ancient Teatros ABC once operated. It was conceived and directed by the architect-restorer Ignacio Consuegra Bolívar and is built on 963 square meters, distributed throughout the lobby areas, stage, auditorium, balcony, and dressing rooms.

The theater can comfortably handle 710 spectators. It has 580 seats located on the main floor, as well as 130 seats in the balcony. The theater also has a boardroom, special bathrooms, and parking, as well as ample emergency exits.

In its basic essence, the auditorium was designed to meet the requirements of the Academy. With acoustic and visual technology typical of an international type theater, the theater is a multi-purpose space and is perfect for lectures and presentations and at the same time, the facility meets the technological requirements for television recording.

The auditorium is well also well-equipped for theatrical works with dressing rooms on the sides, a proscenium curtain, an intermediate backdrop for scenery, a backdrop for after-scene circulation  and a scenic lighting system.

Many well-known presentations have been held here including the recent TEDx Barranquilla plus the annual El Caribe Cuenta along with many musical groups, orchestras, folk bands, ballets and modern dance exhibits. There are two additional meeting rooms with a capacity of 50 people each, used primarily for lectures, seminars, and conferences. In its spacious and comfortable lobby, you can can organize art exhibitions, fairs, press conferences and cocktails.