PLACES: León Caridi Boardwalk

León Caridi Malecon. Photographer: Roberto Narvaez

The reclaim of public spaces and parks has given life to Barranquilla once again, and it includes the new construction work that makes a statement of where our city wants to go: La Avenida Del Río y Malecón León Caridi (River Avenue and León Caridi Boardwalk).

Magdalena River is important for the socio-economic transformation of the city, as well as understanding the territory and the role of the river, how to coexist in harmony between citizens and their environment, and how it contributes to our identity. The city is returning its life back to the river by integrating it into our daily lives after many years of neglect.

A place that is present, future, and transformational; the meaningfulness of this boardwalk and pier increases day after day. just past Plaza Río Grande de la Magdalena in the historic center of the city, Barranquilleros and visitors can find the road that leads to this attractive place.

As a recommendation, visitors to the boardwalk should wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and should bring a camera to capture the natural beauty of this environment. Some people choose to fish, and most are captivated by the flora and fauna, the colors, and the boats that cross the river.

This space is an invitation to reconnect with the movement of the city and also with nature, an opportunity to revitalize the good vibes. Often, you will see entire families;  grandparents, parents and their children, or groups of young people gathering to watch the sunset accompanied by the richness of the Magdalena River.

The investment was around $30.000 mil milliones de pesos (around 9.8 million USD) for both the boardwalk and pier construction, each of which are located on the island of La Loma, which is 96 hectares (around 237 acres) and is the new area of urban development for the “Golden Gate of Colombia.”

La Loma is going to harbor the new boat-shaped administration building for the municipality and will include 11 floors with 89,000 square meters. Forty-five percent of the area of La Loma is intended for commercial, institutional and construction services, and 55% for public space and greenery.