PLACES: Bellas Artes, Universidad de Atlantico

Bellas Artes. Photo by: Robert Narvaez

Bellas Artes School is one of the most representative institutions for artistic in training Colombia. Located in El Prado neighborhood of Barranquilla, it belongs to the Universidad del Atlántico. With 70 years of existence, Bellas Artes is of great importance for the whole region of the Colombian Caribbean.

Without interruption, the school has been preparing several generations of Barranquilleros, becoming a milestone in the history of art education in the country. The Bachelor of Music (related to the “Pedro Biava Conservatory”) was from 1965. It was the only higher education program to offer musical education in the region until a few years ago.

Today, Bellas Artes is a candidate for high-quality accreditation by the Ministry of Education. Currently, it has 280 students in its regular program and 130 in the program to professionalize artists.

The Bellas Artes Faculty teach in five undergraduate programs, music, art, drama, dance and Bachelor of Music.