The 23rd Central American and Caribbean games have a new logo

new logo
Barranquilla 2018 Logo

The organizing committee for the Central American and Caribbean Games to be held in Barranquilla in 2018, presented this past Saturday (April 2nd) via Twitter, their official new logo. The design comes from a combination of the Hibiscus and the Caribbean Sea, two elements related to both this beautiful city and the games.

The designers of the new logo were inspired by the shape of the Caribbean Basin because it reflects the same form of a Hibiscus, Barranquilla’s official flower. They merged the silhouettes of both to establish the main part of the logo and in place of the pistils, they added three points on top to represent “the seed of the sports spirit and the joy of the Olympic party,” they said.

A member of the organizing board expressed to Barranquilla Life that the fusion of these elements exemplified the real spirit of the Central American and Caribbean Games, which is to unify the countries through the practice of sports. The committee said that these organic figures symbolize teamwork and friendship, two values from our city and its people.

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