MUSIC: Boza Nueva Gaita

Image source: Boza Nueva Gaita

Barranquijazz has become a great showcasing platform for local and international musicians who are eager to share their talent and passion with the people of Barranquilla. On September 26th, 2015, under a beautiful full moon, I had the privilege to witness one of the most talented and charismatic bands I’ve seen so far.

Bozá is a term used to describe the groove of Gaita rhythms, something like the flow in reggae. In 2008, a group of people from Santa Marta and Barranquilla created a band with the intention of bringing the folkloric and authentic sound of the Gaita into the 21st century. The members of the band are Mariolys Pedrosa (Drums), Ronald Maury (Bass), Jorge Guerrero (electric Guitar), José Jimenez (Percussion), Alain Manjarrez (male Gaita and maracas) and Leang Manjarrez (female Gaita).

Bozá Nueva Gaita has brought to the stage the traditional Caribbean sounds mixed with urban rhythms and a bit of Jazz, Funk, reggae and others, creating a unique rhythm unlike anything I have heard before.

The musical proposal of Bozá Nueva Gaita is centered around the Gaita, the traditional bamboo flute of the coast. Considered one of the most traditional instruments in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the Gaita was chosen as the central instrument due to its singular and authentic sound. Inspired by the Gaita, with its music, the band tell stories based on rhythms and sounds that have their own identity. However, when blended with drums, guitars and bass, the music creates a dynamic, unique and fluid rhythm.

Bozá’s unique musical proposal and the talent of its members have taken the band to several countries, including France where they shared their Caribbean music with performers from all over the world.

Bozá Nueva Gaita represents the young talent of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, a region that is always creating and innovating new ways to showcase the passion that runs deep in the people of this region. Since winning a music scholarship from the Cultural Department of Barranquilla, Bozá has become a star in its own right and has participated in several different local and international venues.

The Caribbean coast of Colombia is a region filled with talented people who are eager to share their passion and creations with the world. Names like Sofia Vergara, Carlos Vives, Shakira, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, are a testament to the creativity of the Costeños. Bozá has a bright future ahead and it is not difficult to see why. As long as Bozá keeps creating and bringing such an amazing display of talent and passion, it can become a household name in no time.