Murillo Films is delivering Caribbean culture through Camera Obscura

A video crew shooting a film.


“A film producer that, through its projects, seeks to strengthen the culture and identity of our country. We are a think tank designed from a diversity of talents creating stories with high social content. We believe that images are a means of mass dissemination of speech and visual artefacts across socializing channels”.

Murillo films was founded in 2011 by Giuliano Cavalli and Jorge Mario Suarez, creators of the development and dissemination of new Caribbean visual media, merging culture, roots and endless space of nascent ideas and derivatives thereof. One of its most outstanding events is the ‘FICBAQ: International Film Festival Barranquilla’ which was born thanks to its foundation. The Camera Obscura Foundation created this annual event between late February and early March, where movie lovers and fans would have a bunch of options to see and enjoy great films.

The camera foundation offers spaces for dialogue and discussion where patrons are free to raise and discuss broad thoughts against positions around a cinematic context. Camera Obscura also opens with #CINEVAN, the chance to bring cinema to the municipalities of the department and the public in general, where films of great cultural significance are shown. The foundation also has Murillo Post (post-production services such as editing, assembling, DCP, subtitling, project 3d, digital effects, etc.).

Murillo films has a substantial amount of experience in film work and art-house management and in fact produced all the video advertisements for Barranquilla Carnival 2016 for the national television channel, Caracol Television. Additionally, they have managed each of the following productions:

La Esquina le Movimiento
Los fantasmas del Caribe
Landero el Rey del Acordeón
Peregrinando con los Dioses
Historias del Barrio la Playa, and much more!

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