Miche Rock Festival 2016


Photography + Article by: Francisco Manrique.

Last Saturday, members of all rocker urban tribes answered the annual mating call and stampeded to Plaza de la Paz in hopes of unleashing their musical urges in this sort of covenant that Miche Rock Festival has become. A respite on an otherwise tropical-dominated music scene, the festival is one of the scarce, but steadily increasing scenes in Barranquilla which offer Rock lovers of all ages the opportunity to enjoy multiple live performances in a large open air concert environment.


Metal, Punk, Folk, Pop, Fusion, Psychedelic and Alternative Rock bands comprised the eight-course menu that the attendance hungrily devoured, not being in the least disheartened by the mild showers that threatened to water down their head-banging resolve. Energetic, wild as warranted and patient when needed be, the crowd responded to the vibes emanating from the stage in a much-welcomed display of maturity as a public.


Fenix, I.R.A., Puerto Arena, Jade Elefante, Voodoo Souljahs, Del Absurdo, and Tappan were the diverse prelude to the much anticipated Leon Bruno, the local legend, and closing band. To the now classic tunes of this city’s rocking paragon, the audience ended a 7-hour discharge of freedom and eccentricity, of fraternal pogo dancing, chanting and headbanging, mingling and sharing of members of subcultures that while somewhat different are essentially akin and have now renewed their vows for a future meet next year.


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