VOICE: Ethics, Marijuana and Society

Camilo Mundologo. Creative Mornings. Photos by: Cristian Paternina

Breaking down the great marijuana stigma…

Barranquilla Pro-cannabis and CREATIVE MORNINGS:
Discussion with “CAMILO MUNDÓLOGO” – sociologist, cultural manager, film clubber and an activist of the Barranquilla pro-cannabis movement at an event created by “CREATIVE MORNINGS” under the global theme: ethics. We were invited to a “creative breakfast” as a situational mediator. The general theme of the debate was the great social stigma of users of marijuana or, as they are colloquially known, “marijuaneros”. The event was held on the premises of Nueva Acropolis.

The pro-cannabis movement was born approximately 25 years ago in Medellín, Bogotá, and Bucaramanga. According to Camilo, the movement has been in Barranquilla for around five years. He spoke to us a little about the responsible use of marijuana and also about sustainable consumption, plus the big benefits, advantages and disadvantages of cannabis. He also spoke about being accepted and about being a person of conscience before the great social deterioration, or as it also called, “a dossier of lies and scoffing” due to the stigma that is created around the marijuana and the collective imagination of the general public against the “user”.

Camilo creates debates to socialize the great crisis of conscience of our local society, raising responses or innovative proposals in order to raise awareness, create new views and tear down the taboos that come from it.

The Barranquilla Cannabis movement offers spaces and open dialogues through marches, bicycle-rides, cannabis picnics, sit-ins, musical events, etc.

“Together we are stronger”