Juan Valdez – Coffee and tasty treats.

100% Premium Colombian Coffee


Recognized around the world by the trademark coffee grower and his donkey,  Juan Valdez is a household name in Colombia and the largest and most common coffee brand in Barranquilla.  Popular with locals and foreigners alike,  Juan Valdez offers a static menu of traditional coffees,  iced drinks and a few types of juice plus a basic menu of cakes, cookies and typical snacks.

Recently, Juan Valdez partnered with the Rausch brothers, offering a selection of pre-packaged sandwiches, wraps and salads.  Tasty and fresh, they are an easy lunch alternative to restaurants.  There are several kiosk locations to choose from throughout the city with larger spaces in each of the malls. The flagship store, and also the most common for foreigners, is located on Carrera 82 and Calle 52.  With indoor and outdoor areas, it’s a great place for meeting friends or to bring your laptop and get some work done. Another very common place for foreigners is at Juan Valdez in Villa Country Mall – it is in fact a newly remodelled version of an old location and it has relatively comfortable seating along with a work table with electrical outlets. (Strangely, only the one table has outlets – its as if they are encouraging clients to not bring their devices.)

On the downside (depending on your perspective), here in Colombia, coffee is traditionally served in a tiny cup and Juan Valdez is no exception; the largest size available is 16 ounces. Also, unlike in North America or Europe, the locations aren’t particularly comfortable. There are no sofas or armchairs.

Here in Barranquilla,  Juan Valdez holds market share; as of yet no other brand name cafes have taken hold to such a large extent.  There is word of a Starbucks on the way, and it will be interesting to see how some stiff competition impacts service.