FOOD: Piggies & Pastries… Amaria Reposteria

Photos Courtesy of: Gabriel Montes
Since moving to Barranquilla three years ago I’ve fallen in love with so many different places and I want to share some of my experiences.  Hopefully, those of you who aren’t from here will come to appreciate this city as I have. For everyone else, I’d like to help you discover some new experiences along the way.

Many of you are students, or even freelancers, like me.  We appreciate having a quiet spot to sit with a laptop, a tasty beverage and a pleasant atmosphere.  Comfort and customer service are important but so are ambiance and of course.. we can’t forget; solid wifi and electrical outlets to power our tech.

I recently took the time (and I’m really glad I did) to check out some of the more well known coffee places here to see what they had to offer, generally looking for that perfect combination between a good coffee and a comfortable atmosphere to work.

My first stop was Amaría, located on Calle 94 #53-44 (Check out the map below). Amaría is a lovely little pastry shop with a very welcoming atmosphere. The girl behind the counter was very friendly and kind. With white walls and colorful drawings in wooden frames, the decor is simple yet tasteful. There are little tables with white chairs all along a big L-shape and a comfortable couch in the back too, also with tables. Plus, there is wireless internet and there are several places to plug in your devices.

Something that caught my attention the second I opened the door was a display case full of wonderful little piggy banks – talk about eclectic! There are piggies adorned like Frida Khalo, Carnaval, brides and grooms and even a few action heroes like Superman and Batman! I think they’re fantastic – and pretty cheap too, on sale for around $30,000. They’d make for great gifts.

Something else I really enjoyed were the drawings on the walls made by children from a foundation called Fundown Caribe which helps children with Down syndrome to develop artistic capacities. Awesome!!

Let’s talk about my favorite subject – eats..  Amaría has plenty of options to take your palate to a whole new level. I tried a slice of the red fruit cheesecake and I swear the first bite made me close my eyes as the flavor exploded in my mouth. It had that perfect sweetness with a marvelous marmalade made of blackberries and strawberries and was topped with a huge, fresh strawberry. There are plenty of cakes to choose from here including orange, carrot, and chocolate, and also several flavors of cheesecakes such as oreo, lemon and red fruit, etc.  I’ll definitely be back to sample them all!

I also ordered an American coffee which I think could have been tastier.  That’s not to say it wasn’t good.. but it wasn’t what I would have expected.  When you’re eating a masterful piece of cake, you want an equally masterful coffee – not something that tastes like it was made at home.  My only other concern is the schedule; Amaria is only open afternoons and evenings and it is closed on Sundays.

In summary, Amaria is a great place to go to work or relax.  They have a wide selection of tasty treats and their prices are perfectly matched.  The furniture is comfortable and the atmosphere warm and inviting.  Amaria is definitely worth checking out!

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