Our 9 Favorite City Parks in Barranquilla

Karl C Parrish Park - Barranquilla

Barranquilla is known as the city of Carnaval, but the city has done a great job recently in renovating their parks thanks to a program known as “Todos al Parque“. Colombia is also known for their natural parks. Here we have compiled a list of the nine best city parks. Get your picnic blanket ready, take a leisurely stroll, or lay back on a shaded bench. Let’s get sporty, where these verdant parklands provide endless walking, jogging, and cycling opportunities.

Tomas Suri parkParque Tomás Suri Salcedo  (Tomas Suri Salcedo Park)

Neighborhood: Colombia | Locality: Norte – Centro Histórico (North –  Historical Center)

Tomas Suri Salcedo Park is the epicenter of afternoons and weekends of games, sports and family reunions for thousands of Barranquilleros who continue to enjoy and care for this space like if it were its first day. It was named in honor of the Minister of Finance who propelled the construction of Bocas de Ceniza and La Aduana built in 1921. It is located in the strategic area on Calle 72 with – Carrera 46– Avenida Olaya Herrera; it offers machines for physical activity and houses the Elias Chegwin basketball stadium. It extends on 20,000 square meters of space with six park rangers committed to the daily maintenance of each of its areas for the harmony and recreation of all its visitors.

Villa Santos parkParque Villa Santos (Villa Santos Park)

Neighborhood: Villa Santos | Locality: Riomar (North)

Villa Santos Park is on the corridor on Carrera 51B with Calle 98, constructed as a new space where the community benefits from cultural, recreational and sports activities. The park has an area of 18,328 square meters, and provides much needed spaces of healthy communal living. Visitors can exercise with the games, on the courts, and on the outdoor gym equipment.

Parque Almendra tropicalParque Almendra Tropical (Almendra Tropical Park)

Neighborhood: San Roque | Locality: Suroriente (South East)

Between Calle 37 and 38 with Carrera 30 and 32, Almendra Tropical Park has an extension of 10,587 square meters. It was inaugurated on April 4, 1936, after a joint initiative of the Rotary Club and the Almendra Tropical Cafeteria to plant and maintain the old square called Plaza 7 de Abril, a traditional open space in town. In its history it became a meeting point of several Carnaval events, such as the La Conquista and the death of Joselito Carnaval many times; as well as where the Juventud football team (now Junior) played their first game and achieved their first victory (2 – 1) against Argentina F.B.C.

Los Andes Park. Photo Credit: El Heraldo

Los Andes Park (Los Andes Park)

Neighborhood: Los Andes | Locality: Suroccidente (South West)

Los Andes Park covers 8,992 square meters and it provides recreation for more than 800 people in the area. The park has outdoor gym equipment, children’s playgrounds, basketball court, football field, square, kiosks, LED lighting, and a skating rink. Los Andes Park is one of the most emblematic as well as a complete park that we must preserve.


Limoncito Park. Photo Credit: Lachachara

Parque El Limoncito (El Limoncito Park)

Neighborhood: El Limoncito | Locality: Riomar (North)

El Limoncito Park, located on Calle 86B with Carrera 73, has an area of 7,704 square meters; it extends alongside La Divina Misericordia Church. It is well known that people who visit local parks also feel more connected to their community. The community surrounding sectors such as Villas del Limoncito, Villa Carolina, Porto Alegre, La Floresta, San Marino and others should visit parks like this more often and take advantage of this free and easy way to boost their physical and mental health. El Limoncito Park is also a wonderful place for you and your dog to enjoy (but please, pick up after them!).

Parque Los Fundadores (The Founders Park)

Neighborhood: El Prado | Locality: Norte – Centro Histórico (North – Historical Center)

It is located on an old central boulevard of El Prado neighborhood. It houses different monuments like the Eagle, as a tribute to the pioneers aviation that lost their lives in the accident of the seaplane Junker Tolima A-16 on June 8, 1924, when they flushed the construction of Bocas de Ceniza. The Cristo yacente (Recumbent Christ) sculpture by the artist Haime Correa, and the statue is in honor of general Diego De Castro, the first governor of the Atlántico department in its 116 years of history.

Parque Cristo Rey. Photo Credit: Alutraficled.com

Parque Cristo Rey (Christ the King Park)

Neighborhood: El Golf | Locality: Riomar (North)

Parque Cristo Rey is located in the sector of Carrera 59B between Calle 79 and 81, in El Golf neighborhood. It is located in an area of 10,849 square meters. Great place to workout at night. It can get crowded, but you will be in company.

Parque Sagrado Corazon with Mike Chartrand

Parque del Sagrado Corazón (Sacred Heart Park)

Neighborhood: Ciudad Jardín | Locality: Norte –  Centro Histórico (North –  Historical Center)

At the height of Carrera 42F with Calle 80 extends this place of recreation full of green zones and footpaths for jogging or cycling. In its ‘heart’, a large sector has been the scene of several events such as FICBAQ. It houses the sculpture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Last year, the city inaugurated the first outdoor acoustic shell of Barranquilla, designed by the architect Katya González Ripoll. It is a modern stage for the performing arts that meets all the acoustic conditions.

Parque Universal. Photo Credit: Econoticias

Parque Universal (Universal Park)

Neighborhood: Chiquinquirá | Locality: Suroriente (South East)

The traditional park in front of Universal Cemetery is the largest in the city and with the highest concentration of trees. It has a land area of 30,000 square meters. It sits between Calle 45 and 47 with Carrera 35 and 37. It is where South East meets with South West and North-Historical Center. It offers a complete supply of children’s games with rubber floor, synthetic grass and enclosure of children’s area, complete outdoor gym equipment, basketball court enclosed in cyclone mesh, multiple court,  futsal pitch, football field in sand, green areas, landscaping and irrigation, public lighting, sidewalks, footpaths, access for people with disabilities, benches and trash cans. It also houses the Alfredo Correa de Andreis Memorial Square, the Museum of Memory in honor of the victims of the internal armed conflict, and there are stands for flower sales and an educational area of mobility open to the public.

The city parks in under construction across the metropolitan area. For more information about a specific park, contact the city’s Departmento of Foro Hidrico.