LEARN: False Friends – Avoid making these common errors in English

False Friends
Mike presents the top 10 English False Friends. Photo: Gabriel Montes

False Friend: a word in one language that looks or sounds the same as a word in another language – but has a totally different meaning.

Properly referred to as false cognates, but more colloquially known as false friends, these words can get you into a barrel of trouble. You’d be well advised to learn these, and quickly.

Here’s a list of some of the more common English false friends – (in brackets).

#1. Carpeta (Carpet)

Spanish meaning: Alfombra
Proper term in English: Folder

What NOT to say:
You: “Hi boss, I put the sales presentation in the carpet.”
Your boss: “You what!!?!”


#2. Constipado (Constipated)

Spanish meaning: Estreñido
Proper term in English: Sick (with a common cold)

What NOT to say:
You: “You’re obviously constipated. You should take the day off.”
Your boss: “Pardon me? I’m wha-wha-what?!?”


#3. Compromiso (Compromise)

Spanish meaning: Transigir
Proper term in English: Commitment

What NOT to say:
You: “I will make a compromise to marry your daughter.”
Her father: “You’ll do a what!? I don’t think so buddy!!”


#4. Bombero (Bomber)

Spanish meaning: Terrorista / Dinamitero
Proper term in English: Firefighter

What NOT to say:
You: “There’s a fire! Call a bomber!!”
Them: “What?!? Are you #&$& crazy?!?”


#5. Groseria (Grocery)

Spanish meaning: Supermercado
Proper term in English: Gross

What NOT to say:
You: “Picking your nose is so grocery!”
Them: “Ehhh.. what?”


#6. Assistir (Assist)

Spanish meaning: Apoyar
Proper term in English: Attend

What NOT to say:
You: “I want to assist class!”
Teacher: “You want to help me? Great!”


#7. Embarazada (Embarrassed)

Spanish meaning: Avergonzar
Proper term in English: Get pregnant

What NOT to say:
You: “Every time Susan gets embarrassed she has a beautiful kid!”
Them: “Oh my god!!! How?”


#8. Pretender (Pretend)

Spanish meaning: Fingir
Proper term in English: To hope, or to expect

What NOT to say:
You: “I pretend to work hard!”
Your boss: “Oh really??? You’re fired!!”


#9. Estrechar (Stretch)

Spanish meaning: Estirar
Proper term in English: To narrow or make smaller

What NOT to say:
You: “I want to stretch the gap between the rich and the poor.”  
Voters: “No votes for you!!”


#10. Molestar (Molest)

Spanish meaning: Abusar sexualmente
Proper term in English: To bother

What NOT to say:
You: “I’m sorry for molesting your dog!”  
Voters: “You’re what?!? I’m calling the police!”


Keep learning!

Here’s a site full of false friends – I recommend you start learning these today – you don’t want to make a fool of yourself – or get thrown in jail!!

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