Santos gave me the best Ministry: Elsa Noguera

Elsa Noguera
New Minister of Housing Elsa Noguera, President Juan Manuel Santos, Vice-President Germán Vargas Lleras, Mayor of Barranquilla Alejandro Char and former Minister of Housing Luis Felipe Henao at the "Puerta Dorada" project. Photo Credit: Municipal Press

“450,000 new houses, that’s the challenge for the next two and a half years,” said president Juan Manuel Santos while swearing in the new minister of Vivienda, Ciudad y Territorio (Housing, Cities and Territory), the former mayor of Barranquilla, Elsa Noguera Dela Espriella. he went on to say that Minister Noguera is clear on what she has to do and the role of her government regarding new home solutions for many of the people of Colombia. Other challenges will include bringing both water and sewage access to the farthest towns of the country.

The ex-mayor was clearly excited during the event and she told us, “Santos has given me the best ministry, not only because it can give people the opportunity to make their dreams come true, but it will improve the Colombian economy with lot of new jobs.” Noguera added too that she received a well-structured ministry budget with very clear goals.

Building 30,000 houses in remote villages is no small feat; she will need the help of new local governments in legalizing the land plots. Minister Noguera also said that her team is ready to start on the construction of some 130,000 new, middle-class homes as part of the “Mi casa ya!” program and she added that the program for family savings is also ready to execute. She closed with a promise to accelerate and control the projects that are underway now to install plumbing and sewage networks.