Claptone in photos and video

Claptone @ Gema Festival, Barranquilla. Photo by: Katche Fotografia

If you want to see more photos from this event, check out Katche Fotografia Facebook page.

Claptone, the award-winning, best house-dj and producer. A big star in the EDM world. Party hosted by Etropyc Label.

A write up from Vanessa Arcieri – event goer

“I decided to crawl out of bed Friday at 11 pm and went to Gema festival and I had no regrets!!! Very surprised and impressed with production, the visuals were psychedelically enchanting!!  I’m a deep house girl to the core but Claptone won me over with his music selection, he mixed his German rigidity with some latin grooves and I loved it.  The mask makes you want to understand more about the story he wants to tell. The crowd didn’t care if it was raining or not and completely ignored the fact that a hurricane was on his way, I think this is a huge indicator that more events like this should come to our city.”

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