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Historically, the concept of a cineclub began in early twentieth century France with a movement called “filmic impressionist” led by director, screenwriter and film critic, Lois Delluc, who is considered by many as the father of film clubs. In 1921, the French poet and critic Riccioto Canudo created the “Club des amis du septième art” (CASA) and with that, the art community began to embrace cinema. A few years later, in 1924, “CASA” became known as the “French Film Club” or CINECLUB DE FRANCE. Across the following few decades, the idea triggered an international movement which saw film clubs sprouting up all over the globe.

In 1949, the scene reached Colombia in the form of CINECLUB de COLOMBIA (based in Bogotá) and almost a quarter century later in 1973, Barranquilla joined the scene with the screening of Battleship Potemkin in the Lido theater. From 1975 onwards, Barranquilla went through a terrible political period and nevertheless, with the establishment of several clubs, among them Cine-Club Barranquilla of ABC Cinema or Cine Club de Media Noche among others, a class of public was born with a fine appreciation for the art.

Over the years, several new groups have emerged including Cine-club Cinerama of Alliance Francaise, Cine-club Fine Arts of Uni Atlantico and Cine-club Cayenne of Uni Norte.  There are now many new spaces for film criticism, both by cinephiles and the general public.

Caribbean Cinematheque
Cine-club Cinerama / Alliance Francaise de Barranquilla
Cine-club Panic
Cine-club Cayenne / University Del Norte
Cine-club Fine Arts / Faculty of Fine Arts, University of the Atlantic