Talking about Carnaval in November?


Not even January and Already Talking about Carnaval??

Yes indeed my friend, it happens to me too.

The official dates for Carnaval of Barranquilla 2017 are February 25-28, and yes; we are already hearing about it, and people are already booking their flights and hotels to the city to celebrate. Carnaval S.A., and the new Carnaval queen, Fefi Mendoza #fefimendozav, already announced the official schedule for these days. Even in the local radio stations Carnaval music has begun shyly appearing since September!  Well, Barranquilleros love to party (so they say) and many comparsas start rehearsing months ahead in anticipation to deliver a kick-ass performance.  Just take in consideration the stamina it requires to dance (for some in high heels) for 6km + on the main parades of Via 40 for 3-4 days in a row!

The incomes of many families and companies benefit significantly from these days of emblematic celebration. It is a fact that a high percentage of Barranquilla’s tourism is generated in this month alone.  In fact, during these dates you start to find all types of alternative concerts and shows that open up due to the high traffic of people willing and looking to party.  One of my favorites, and this one is now a classic, is the Noche al Rio at the Museo del Caribe which is free, open air, and never fails to bring exquisite traditional bands from the nearby pueblos plus various invited international guests.  The thing about this one is that it takes place during pre-Carnaval, on the 23rd.

Another of my favorites from the official Carnaval line-up parades is the Fantasy Parade, which showcases comparsas dancing Afro-Caribbean beats in magnificently-customized costumes that fall nothing short from Rio’s. And the best part is that on this day, you can bargain for some super deals for these tickets because most people are already too partied-out to make it on a Monday during daylight.

Here are some photos from Desfile de Fantasia (Fantasy Parade):

There are many carnivals all over the globe during these same days, but here in Barranquilla we have one of the best; it flows naturally! The city simply becomes one great outdoor party and there is no point resisting its beats once you are in it.