Barranquilla´s Sport & Recreational Places Guide

There are lots of excuses to stay at home watching soaps on Netflix. “It’s too hot outside,” “I never get enough resting time,” “all these activities cost a fortune.” But if you are serious about getting out there, and you want to do something fun with your friends, and don’t know where to start, this guide is for you.

The city offers a variety of opportunities, from fabulous pools, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds, to sophisticated golf courses, and finishing with spicy BMX, kite surfing, and even drag racing options; many of them for free; cheap and reachable by public transportation.

So check out the guide, pick a new sport or activity, or choose some lessons to try, and share the guide with your friends so everyone can join in.

Multiple Sports

Parque Muvdi


Muvdi Park is a sport and recreational center in the south of the metropolitan area of Barranquilla. The park was first established in 1986 on 8 hectares donated by Elias M. Muvdi but later shut down in 2001. After 15 years of being closed, Muvdi Park reopened to the public in 2016 thanks to investments by the Department of Atlántico.

Nowadays it has a skating park, seven multi-sport courts, a turf football court, exercise machines, chess board tables, playgrounds, slides, a lake, a green camping area, and a certified bicycle motocross track. The Daniel Barragán BMX track, named after a young rider who suffered a cervical trauma after falling in a training session in 2015, will host the races of this discipline during the Central American and Caribbean Games to be held in Barranquilla in 2018. Also, the offices of Atlántico’s Institute of Recreation and Sports (Indeportes) will eventually move here.

On the reopening day in December 2016 only 30% of the facilities were fully finished, and the other areas will gradually open once they are ready. The park is expected to be in full service by April 2017. Entrance is free, and opening hours for this season are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., everyday from Monday to Sunday.

The park is located in the Municipality of Soledad, on 30th Street between the Universidad Del Norte Hospital and the Gran Plaza del Sol Mall. For public transportation, several buses pass by Boyacá Avenue (30th Street) and by Avenue Circunvalar. There are no closer TransMetro Stations. However, the service can be taken via the Alimentador bus stops nearby.

Patinodromo Rafael Naranjo Pertuz – Bosques del Norte Park

Rolling Skating Track at Patinodromo. Photo Credit: Francisco Moreno

The Patinodromo is a sport and recreational hub integrated with a park in the north of Barranquilla, and it was built in 1992 for the National Games held in the city. This complex features a minor league baseball field, a professional roller blade rink, a skate hockey court, several tennis courts, two turf football fields, a green area, playgrounds, a jogging track, and two restaurants.

In this athletics center, you can find the main offices of the departmental leagues for tennis, roller skating, and hockey. Also, there are offices onsite for all the private academies and several specialized shops catering to each of the sports. Both roller skating and softball competitions of the Central American and Caribbean Games will be held in its facilities, which is the reason why both of these areas are getting renovation work before 2018.

The Patinodromo is located on Avenue 53 with 94th Street, and the Bosques del Norte Park is on the same block on Avenue 54 between 96th and 94th Street. The best way to get info is to go in person during the afternoon to the academies or contact the league’s telephone numbers. For public transportation, several buses pass by Avenue 53 and 51B, and there are no closer TransMetro Stations. However, the service can be taken on the Alimentadores bus stops nearby.

Unidad Deportiva Pibe Valderrama

The Pibe Valderrama Sports Unit is a public recreational complex that focuses on athletics activities. Established in 2012 by the Major´s Office this compound offers four turf football fields, one beach volley field, one multi-use court (basketball, indoor soccer, and regular volleyball), two tennis courts, a biking and roller skating track, and a green trail to walk by.

The entrance and use of the facility is free. However, is necessary to book in advance the desired court filing a format in the Recreation and Sports Office (located next to the Complex in the Metropolitano Stadium). The Sports Unit opens to the public Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 12 m and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. On weekends the opening hours vary according to each sports activity.

This venue is located in the south of the city in the metropolitan area close to Soledad, at Avenue 1C between 45th and 46th Street. For public transportation, several buses pass by both main avenues, including a TransMetro Station about five minutes’ walk from the compound called Joaquín Barrios Polo (45th Street between Avenues 1G and 2A).For more info, you can call to 3622277 – 3624546 or check their Facebook Page.

Parque Del Sol

This park is a private sport and recreational center for families. In their facilities, you can find a turf football field, a spa, a Pilates gym, a regular gym, playgrounds, a Kiosk, pool tables, a green path, a space for parties and presentations, and a restaurant. Among their services, they have a soccer academy and personal trainers. Field bookings are available from 5 A.M until the closing hours. The park is located on Avenue 39 #73-105, for more info check their website or contact them at 3457293 – 3568073.


Piques 1/4 Milla Racetrack, Photo Credit: PIQUES CUARTO DE MILLA BARRANQUILLA Facebook Page

Autodromo Motorsports Park

The Motorsports Park Club racetrack was built about 15 years ago to organize legal drag racing competitions with all the necessary security measures in the area. The construction of this track transformed Barranquilla into a top racing city, hosting the most races per year across Colombia, and is the only speedway in the country with a circuit dedicated to drag racing.

Piques 1/4 Milla hosts 12 championship races and two international cups each year (generally one per month). The Inscriptions are open to the public and available in Barranquilla both for cars, trucks, and superbikes in the office on 84th Street with Avenue 49C. Drivers are categorized by their the time the can finish a 1/4 mile, the fastest ones are at or under the 11-second category and the slowest, above 15 seconds.

The Speedway, Piques 1/4 Milla, is located in the Municipality of Turabá, Atlántico at km 30 in the Via al Mar Highway. For public transportation, the best option is to take the Tubará Bus that passes by the entrance, and in Barranquilla by Avenue 46 in the north, and Avenue 38 in the south. For more info on Piques 1/4 Milla, calendars, upcoming events or results you can check out their website. Here is a Drone Studio Video of the races.


Olympic Pool. Photo Credit: Francisco Moreno

Piscina Olimpica

The Olympic pool is the only public facility for recreational and professional swimming in the city. The complex offers a total of three pools (Olympic, diving, and kids) where, besides swimming, you can also practice water polo, synchronized swimming, diving, and regular swimming classes. This building is also the home of the Atlántico Swimming League, several private clubs, and the offices of Indeportes. This sports hub is going to be renovated for the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games. At the moment its conditions are not at ideal for receiving professional swimmers, and they also need to finish the diving platforms, restore the edges of all the pools, and work on the depth of the diving pool. The major’s office announced a demolition of the facility to build a new one for the games. However, no more information has been given about a construction plan or closing dates.

The Olympic pool is located behind Amira de la Rosa Theater at Carrera 55 #52 -170. For public transportation, several buses pass by Avenue 54, the closest TransMetro Station is La Catedral (53rd Street with 46 Avenue), about a 15-minute walk. For more info check their Facebook Page, User, or contact the number 3045346139. Here is a Video of the Olympic Poool.

Centro de Formación Acuática

The city also counts with another pool center open to the public called Centro de Formación Acuatica. This one is not owned by the township but by the Colombian Red Cross. In their facility, they have a semi-Olympic indoor pool, and they offer regular swimming lessons for all ages, early stimulation through the aquatic environment treatments, internships for Aquatic Training, and specialized courses for applicants to institutions that require a certification in the practice of swimming.

This center is located at 65th Street #34-33 on the Recreo neighborhood. For more info check their website or call: 3695320 -3002692358


Titos Bolos Bowling Alley. Photo Credit: Fundeportes

Bolera Moñona

Also known as Titos Bolos, Bolera Moñona is the bowling alley of the city that hosts all the tournaments organized by FUNDEPORTES (the bowling association of Barranquilla). Its lanes witness every year the regular amateur season and also one or two annual professional bowling events. All categories have competitions to affiliate, and there are a variety of clubs, a local league, and a departmental federation to join.

“Moñona,” that will host the bowling competitions during 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games opens every afternoon for regular customers and is located at Avenue 51 b with 94th Street. For public transportation several buses pass by Avenue 51B, there are no closer TransMetro Stations. However, the service can be taken on the Alimentadores bus stops nearby.

Barranquilla has only two bowling alleys, the other one, The Fun Zone, focuses more on recreation than the sport itself, and it features knocking pins down with two restaurants, a bar, various arcade games, and a pool table. This one is located near Jairo Cepeda Park, in Villa Country at Avenue 60 #77-75. For more info check their website or our previous article.


Barranquilla has two golf courses that belong to private clubs, Lagos Del Caujaral and Country Club. Similar to the city and the region, the fields in La Arenosa challenge the golfers with strong Caribbean winds and exotic landscapes enriched by lakes, ocean views, coconut palms, thorns and other trees typical of the area.

The Lagos Del Caujaral Club has a challenging 18 holes course cataloged as the best in the country by Reader’s Golf Digest magazine. They also offer Golf courses, a putting green, a mini 5-hole court, a ball dispensing machine, and a resting area. The Opening hours are from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, and from 5:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays and public holidays. For more info check on their website.

The Country Club one is also an 18 holes course. It hosts several tournaments including intern, invitational, and federated ones. They also have an academy for kids that wish to learn how to play. For more info check on their website.

Both courses have different entrance policies and are for membership’s holders and those part of the authorized list only. However, member’s guests are welcome to use the courses to the condition of being accompanied by the inviting associate and the payment of a playing fee. Restrictions may vary according to the occasion.

Water Sports

Playas Puerto Velero

The Puerto Velero beaches recently became one of the hottest spots to practice water sports in the department, including Kitesurfing, Sailing, and Paddle Boarding. The great geographical and climatological conditions mixed with the freshly abundant inversion made this cave famous in this disciplines.

Several academies of different aquatic sports are spread through the beaches and the Marina. There’s also a 2000 square meters water park in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. For more info check the Marina website or look for the schools in the area.  Located only 15 minutes away from the city, the best way to get is by private car, for public transportation Tubará and Juan de Acosta Buses pass by the highway entrance, and from there to the ocean a 40-minute walk approximately.


Club de Tiro Deportivo

The sporting shooting club is a private shooting club accredited by the Colombian Shooting Federation that has served Barranquilla for several years. This facility offers shooters a space to practice with almost every type of gun on 25 and 50-meter ranges. There’s also a shotgun area, a 10-meter airfield, and an open space for practical shooting. To enter to the facility, it’s necessary to be a member of the club, but it’s also possible to come as the guest of a member.

The club that will also host the shooting and archery events of the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games is located at the entrance to Puerto Colombia on the Via al Mar, on the left side of the road heading towards Cartagena. For public transportation, all the Puerto Colombia, Tubará, Piojó, and Juan de Acosta town buses with the sign Autopista pass by the entrance. For more info on shooting check out the Atlántico League website.


There are mainly two places in the area to practice this sports ant they are both in the north metropolitan area of the city.

The Hobbies Colombia Sports Field is placed on the Via al Mar highway just 2 kilometers after the Papiros Toll. There they have a Scene field, a Speedball field, a Milsim field, and a Woodsball field. For public transportation, all the Puerto Colombia, Tubará, Piojó and Juan de Acosta town buses with the sign Autopista pass by the entrance. For more info check their website or contact them at 3014235084.

The Paintball House Courtyard is located on the Avenue Circunvalar between Avenues 46 and 38, just next to the Autonorte – Hyundai dealership. They also have several courts to play in, each one with different sizes and ambiance than the other. They open from 8 am to 6 pm. For more info check their website or contact them at 300 6153013.

Zero Gravity

Located at Viva Barranquilla Mall on the corner of Avenue 51B with 90th Street, ZG is the only covered trampoline park in Colombia. This private center which idea is to combine fun and fitness for all ages, has among its main attractions trampolines, climbing walls, a gladiator game, a foam pool, an obstacle course, a basketball court with trampolines on it, and a mini soccer field.

It opens from Mondays to Sundays from 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. For more info, check their Facebook Page or call to the 300 6557854. For Public transportation, several buses pass by Avenue 51B and 53, including a Transmetro Alimentador Bus.

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