How we celebrated Barranquijazz 2016!

Barranquijazz 2016
Barranquijazz 2016. Foto by: Katche Fayer

Barranquijazz 2016 has become an important event in the city. Jazz is a music genre that originated from the Afro communities in basements and taverns of the rowdy streets of New Orleans in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ever since, its polyrhythmssyncopation and the swings have been fusing, branching and evolving with every new region it touches and every improvisation its talented musicians create.


Jazz has spread around the world; it drew on different national, regional, and local musical cultures, which gave rise to many distinctive styles.  And on every September, here, in our humble Barranquilla, we gather to celebrate this rhythm during the Barranquijazz week for about a decade now.


Barranquilla, which in itself is very rhythmic and musical, opened its arms this year to receive extremely talented singers and musicians from all around the world like Concha Buika, Steve Turre, Roberto Menescal, Fabrizio Bosso, Greg Diamon, Los 3 del Sonar and of course our national talents like the Arnedo family and Juventino Ojito.


Some of these artists had their performance on closed venues like the Jumbo Salon of the Country Club (since the original venue of Amira de la Rosa was closed this year), others played for free on open spaces like Plaza de la Paz, or UniAtlantico’s Auditorium.  Some even shared their knowledge at workshops while others shared their thoughts at ruedas de prensas (press conferences) or radio interviews.


The best gift you can give to Barranquilleros is to share with them some excellent music: live, tangible and exquisite.  Barranquijazz managed to deliver all of this. With the taste of jazz still savoring in our mouths, we just can’t wait to see whom will they bring up next year!