21st International Arts Carnival – Day 1


Photos and text by: Pacho Manrique

This past February 9th, as is now customary, culture lovers from all over the city anxiously attended the inaugural events of the 21st International Arts Carnival, a festival showcasing artists across several disciplines from all over the globe, and one of the city’s most notable efforts to offer non-carnival related cultural events to the public.

Starting this year’s cultural buffet at La Cueva Cultural Foundation, Carlos Polo, a local writer, interviewed Joselo Rangel, a guitarist from the iconic Mexican rock band CaféTacvba, exploring his unknown role as a writer.

Next came an exposition and conversation at the Faculty for Fine Arts between Nestor Martínez Celis and both painter Diego Pombo and acclaimed cartoonist Julio César González, aka MATADOR.

A racy performance and photographic exposition by Hanna Ramone took place at the Alianza Colombofrancesa as a prelude to the evening Gala at José Consuegra Higgins Theater. After a few opening words by musical critic Cristobal Diaz Ayala, Diana Rolando, seamstress of celebrated carnival costumes was talking about her life’s work, as her daughter, this year’s queen of Soledad’s carnival, unexpectedly entered the stage with a group of folkloric dancers.

As closing act, in a now institutional tradition, a comedic trio, Paul Morocco and Olé, amused and spread laughter amongst the public, in a show portraying musical and humorous mastery culminating in a standing ovation.