Junior – Medellin, The Aguila League Final

Aguila League
Barranquilla's Stadium ready for the Aguila League Final. Photo Credit: Francisco Moreno

Atlético Junior and Deportivo Independiente Medellin are set to play the first 2016 Aguila League Final. Both teams reached the last phase of the playoffs after winning their respective semifinal matches in a penalty shootout.

The Sharks finally put an end to their losing spell at Atletico Nacional stadium. The Rojiblancos tied a very close series (only 1-1 in the global result) against the trophy holders and managed to get a clean sheet and kept the parity that they had worked so hard to get on their home soil. Afterwards, in the penalties, they really displayed their experience in these types of situations, they were very calm and got the ticket to the final with a determinant 4-2 result.

On the other hand, DIM conquered their spot in the final after a very open series against the humble Cortualua. The Paisas defeated Tulua on the road, and surprisingly, lost the game at home, finishing with a global result of 3-3. In the penalties, they couldn’t beat their rival as fast as Junior did. They needed eleven players shooting, to finally defeat one of the youngest and more inexperienced teams in the League, with a close 8-7 outcome.

Junior will be shooting for their eighth league title; the last time they won was back in 2011, and since that year, they have lost two title definitions. With this one down, the Sharks are now the second squad with the most Finals wins considering the league is played every six months. DIM also hasn’t been so lucky over the past years, they’ve lost three finals since 2009, their last winning year. The Reds will be trying to even it up with the Barranquilla team in league titles since they are looking for their seventh star.

This match will have the best team in the regular season (Medellin), facing the one that finished fifth, but that was the leader for more than half of the tournament (Junior). The difference in points between these two was only three units (40 vs. 37). In goals, the Paisas got a slightly bigger advantage, they scored 33, five more than the Costeños (28). And in defense, DIM conceded only 17, establishing with that the best record in the league, nevertheless Junior received just three more goals (20), so it wasn’t a significant difference overall.

When these squads faced themselves in the regular season, the victory was for the team led by Coach Mendoza. The Barranquilleros triumphed 0-1 in Medellin, but this was history, back in February.

The first leg will be played this Wednesday at Metropolitano Stadium – 7 pm. The Tickets for this game are available now at the usual places (listed in the image below), and the prices for non-season card holders go from 30.000 to 150.000 cop. If you own a season ticket, a discount of 50% will be applicable until Tuesday. The second match for the title will be on Sunday in Atanasio Giradot Stadium in Medellin – 6 pm.

Places to buy Tickets for the Aguila League Final. Photo Credit: Club Junior FC
Places to buy Tickets for the Aguila League Final. Photo Credit: Club Junior FC
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